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  • You have probably noticed by now that this is where I believe our energy needs to be directed.  I'm calling for an immediate budget cap. No accounting tricks, no buzzwords, and no more kicking the can down the road.  I also believe that term limits legislation is a linked and essential first step to enabling better budgeting.  That is why I'm calling on all candidates to sign the pledge to serve no more than two terms and propose legislation to this end.



  • Education is the largest piece of the pie in the South Carolina budget. Depending on which source and year, it comprises 40-55% of the total budget.  We have to find efficiency here! In Anderson County we are already taking the lead in our STEM curriculum and encouraging more trade oriented education with our robust community college system.  We can build on this strong foundation, but we have to partner with technology and stop the tendency to focus on shiny, new buildings.  


Individual Liberty

  • I will ask the question, "How does this allow the individual to experience more personal freedom?", in regard to every proposed piece of legislation.  If it doesn't it should be shelved. There are already volumes of regulation that need to be reviewed in regard to this.  Private property rights have been under attack since our founding. However, civil asset forfeiture has taken it to another level.  To seize personal property based on suspicion alone is not supported by either State or Federal Constitutions.  We need to get this discussion out of the Judiciary Committee and into the public spotlight.