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Mr. Bott, What can you really do as a junior Senator?

I will propose legislation to enact term limits on our House and Senate.  Now we know that will probably not make it out of committee, so I will personally sign a pledge to serve only two terms.  I think all of the other candidates who support term limits should do the same.  After you elect me, I would also become the megaphone for a petition to get term limits on the ballot.  This will apply the necessary pressure to move the bill out of committee.  Then the real fun begins... I will start the dialogue about Decentralization.  I think we can all agree that the government is too involved in our lives.  I find it troubling that we send our money to Columbia and then beg for some of it back.  Let's localize the agencies and departments.  Send us the DOT; we will keep an eye on them. Maybe we can find them an empty building downtown to renovate for us. Technology enables this.  If I can run a business from this magic machine (while holding up my phone), the government can do it as well.  It is no longer inconvenient to teleconference or live-stream meetings.  The days of brick and mortar are numbered.                                                           

Mr. Bott, What is the most important issue to you?

Budget, Budget and Budget

If we don't get this right, none of the other issues are going to matter!  We have had a long run with fiscal conservatives in charge in Columbia.  Yet, we have billions in debt and can't cap a budget.  I think we need to send someone with a fiscal responsibility REFLEX.  Just saying it hasn't been working!  If you don't live your personal life in a fiscally responsible way and can't bear witness to it in your professional life, how are the people of District 3 supposed to believe that you will suddenly become responsible with their money?

Mr. Bott, How will you improve the economy and stimulate job growth?

The implication of this question clearly was that the government has a role in creating jobs.  Three candidates prior to me did not address this.  If you are a Conservative, it should be a reflex to understand and profess the fact that Government does not create jobs.  Let me say it again, Government does not create jobs.  The more Libertarian minded sentiment would go even further to say that Government interference in the free market can only have negative  influence.  We should dedicate the next session to a fundamental regulatory review.  Therefore, imposing less government on our businesses.  Just the impact of a reduction in paperwork would improve the environment for commerce.