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April 11

Who Is Corey Bott?


My Background

I am a businessman with an entrepreneurial spirit.  I served most of my adult life in the US Navy as a Naval Aviator.  I have owned a General Store and Farm and Feed operation as well as conducted numerous timber and land transactions.  Currently, I have a tree farm with a small cattle operation.  I believe my broad background in both business and government will serve District 3 well.  Why should you choose me?  I chose you first.  The people of District 3 and the Upstate in general, hold the same values and principles as my wife and I do.  We chose this area because of this and the uniquely hometown feel of Anderson.  Having lived all over the southeast in the last 20 years, I can assure you we have something special here.  Neighbors actually take care of each other; we love it!


My Top Issues

Character...The candidate's character is always the most important issue Proverbs 20:11, Mathew 7:16-20

Budget, Budget, Budget...we have to get serious about conservative fiscal policy.



Wildlife Conservation

Health Insurance


My Politics

The world is literally on fire and our time to preserve our way of life is running out.  The term now or never really seems appropriate.  I feel compelled to act. South Carolina needs to be a leader in Economic and Fiscal strength!  We owe this to our children.

I live a fiscally responsible life!  The combination of living within my means, and an intense saving regimen has led to personal financial freedom.  I worked on two budget cycles at the Pentagon and have first-hand knowledge of how the bureaucracy functions.  I completed 70 semester hours of upper-level coursework at Old Dominion University in 12 months.  That is a sophomore, junior, and senior year combined.  I graduated with honors and zero debt.  I am capable, and a very quick study.  Though I will respect the office, I can assure you we will be heard. 

Some Republican role models;

Sen Mike Lee     Sen Ben Sasse

Sen Ted Cruz     Sen Tim Scott

Sen Rand Paul

Rep Jeff Duncan

Rep Dave Brat

Rep Trey Gowdy

Former SC Sen Jim DeMint 

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